Bio. Christmas

Barbara Norvell Perronne was born in 1944 in New Orleans, La. and has lived in the surrounding 
area for most of her life. She and her husband, Mike, now reside in Diamondhead, Miss. 
Barbara’s natural artistic talent (which she largely attributes to her late mother, Beverly) was 
first recognized at Slidell High School when she was asked to paint the team mascot on the 
gymnasium floor. Since then, she dabbled in the arts until single motherhood called upon her 
to make it a profession. Barbara has developed a unique style that is immensely popular with 
clients. She has originated designs of more than 150 Christmas ornaments (which have been 
an absolute hit at craft shows for more than two decades). She also enjoys a strong following 
with her magnets and Easter buckets.
The next evolution in her career came when she moved into a new home and couldn’t afford 
many wall decorations. As before, Barbara turned to her paintbrushes. The response was so 
positive about her personal murals that she began to paint others in local homes. Soon enough, 
the word spread—as did her work—all along the Gulf Coast. Her keen eye for interior design 
and ability to quickly improvise scenes (based upon the wishes of her customers) propelled her 
reputation as a premiere mural artist in the region. She has painted in literally hundreds of 
homes, small businesses, restaurants, showroomseven hospital nurseries!
Demand for her services as a mural artist has been constant for years. However, because it 
is a physically taxing job, and Barbara self-admittedly "needs to get off the ladder!" she has 
made a successful transition of this concept onto easily transportable, high-grade canvas, which 
serves as an alternative to on-site work. These canvas murals allow her to bring customized 
concepts to your walls, without the need to ship herself as well!
Unfortunately, Barbara and Mike were among the many hit hard by Hurricane Katrina, which 
washed away their home and retirement plans. After a decent bout of FEMA-trailer living, 
they have recently acquired a modest home and begun again. Despite the setback, Barbara 
keeps on painting awayenjoying every minute, seemingly unperturbed by the matter.

                             (narrative provided by Barbara's son and daughter)

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